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Međimurjeplet d.o.o.
Zagrebačka 42, 40000 Čakovec
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About us

Međimurjeplet d.o.o., Čakovec, Zagrebačka 42 is a manufacturer and trading company in the category of medium-sized companies with a long tradition in wicker baskets and wicker furniture.


Its business activity Međimurjeplet, Čakovec in the field of wholesale and retail specialty range of products for household and furnishing in the turism branche.
With regard to the activities of wholesale and retail Međimurjeplet follows a long tradition of trading products made of natural materials such as willow , rattan , bamboo and water hyacinth and the assortment of outdoor and indoor wicker furniture and other wicker products. Part of the sales range of goods is manufactured in the company's own factory such as willow handicrafts, wich can be made as customers desire, while the wicker furniture is imported for sale in the domestic and foreign markets.


The company has its own retail business units in Croatia: Čakovec , Varazdin , Zagreb and Split, and besides their own sales units , their goods are sold in a large number of domestic and foreign trading houses.
Međimurjeplet dd, as part of its business, and as a result of many years of experience in the distribution of garden furniture to the big retail chains in the entire Croatian , offers also a quality service in furnishing restaurants with wicker garden furniture. With sales of garden furniture Međimurjeplet offers quality and fast transportation services , repairs and replacement of spare parts for purchased furniture.
The reputation of the company is based on satisfied customers , good service , market competitive prices and carefully selected range of quality products to satisfy customers' demands.


The group Međimurjeplet has two more companies:
Pana d.o.o. Čakovec with rich tradition in production of parquet , lam parquet and mosaic parquet , so this is a company , although young chronologically , quickly found its place in the domestic and foreign markets , selling their goods in a number of specialty retail stores in Croatia as well as abroad.
Pana Carpentry, founded in the year 2002, which the main activity is focused on the production of wooden windows and doors for residential construction in domestic and foreign markets.


Thank you in advance for your confidence, whether you need furniture for your home, restaurant or hotel, and we are waiting for your contact by phone or e-mail.

stock company

Short name:

Međimurjeplet d.o.o.


40000 Čakovec, Zagrebačka 42, ČAKOVEC


Commercial Court in Varazdin

MBS: 070000955
IBAN HR2323600001102161971


Zagrebačka banka d.d.

10000 Zagreb
no.: 2360000-1102161971

Share capital:

14.790.800,00 kn

Board Members:

Sobočanec A.,
Sobočanec – Dujić A.
Babić N.

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